Georgian Institute of Public Affairs University of TROY


Issue 1-1, April 2016

A Global Examination Of The Relationship Between Subjective Perceptions Of Corruption And Well-Being

by Terry Anderson, Ph.D.

Impact of the Georgian Non-Governmental Sector on Social Capital in the Process of Policy Advocacy

by Tamar Koberidze

The New Crisis In Policing

by Manfred F. Meine, Ph.D. and Thomas P. Dunn, Ph.D.

Professionalism and Myths in Covering Conflict

by Tinatin Tsomaia, M.A.

The Local Self-Government Code of Georgia

by Alexander Svanishvili Ph.D. Candidate

Issue 1-2, September 2016

The Policy Advocacy Milieu and its Impact on Advocacy Results in Georgia

by Tamar Koberidze

Boko Haram: Diverging Approaches to Fighting Insurgence

by Justin D. Leach, Ph.D.

A Qualitative Comparison of Anti-Corruption Measures in Guatemala and Brazil

by Jacob Jensen, M.A. and Terry Anderson, Ph.D.

Issue 2-1, April 2017

Troubling Universalized Human Rights: The Complexities of Identity and Intersectionality

by Malia Lee Womack

Disputed Elections and the Role of the Court in Emerging Democracies in Africa: The Nigerian Example

by J. Tochukwu Omenma; Ike E. Onyishi

Constructing the “Abkhazian Issue” in the Georgian Press, 2002-2010

by Khatuna Maisashvili

Of Uprisings and Regressions: The Strange Fruit of Egypt’s Arab Spring

by Paul J. Carnegie

Issue 2-2, October 2017

Puerto Rican Nationhood and the Diverse Nature of Collective Identity Construction

by Malia Lee Womack

Police and Crime Control: Challenges to Efficiency

by Obi Success Esomchi

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Public Administration: Providing Value to Citizens through the New Educational Structure of Democratic e-Governance in EU

by Ursa Jeretina

Issue 3-1, July 2018

Patterns of Political Culture and The Paradox of Political Participation in Nigeria: An analytical Evaluation

by Victor E. Ita, PhD

Change management process in Georgian Public Sector Organizations

by Elena Bendeliani

Issue 3-2, December 2018

Department of Political Science and International Relations, University of the Peloponnese

by Floros Flouros

Georgian Institute of Public Affairs

by Sophio Gabelaia

Issue 4-1, July 2019

Effective Ways of Improving Georgian State and Consolidated Budget Expenditure Challenges

by Paata Medzvelia

Blunders of the Intelligence Service during the Cold War

by Meri Avakyan

Public Management Culture and Meritocracy in Georgia - through the Prism of Development of State Institutions

by Tamar Charkviani PhD.

Issue 4-2, January 2020

The Byzantine-Lazic Phalanx at the Battle of the Hippis River (550 CE)

by Nika Khoperia

Cases of Law-making in Georgia - the Contradiction of Rule of Law and Rule by Law

by Tamar Charkviani PhD.

Issue 4-3, July 2020

Uses of Social Media in Constituting a Student Movement: A Study over Quota Reform Demonstration in the University of Dhaka

by Muhammad Tanbirul Islam , Rabiul Hasan

Regulation of Tobacco Consumption and Policy Challenges in Georgia

by Lali Khurtsia

Scientific and Educational Challenges in Georgia and Its Economy

by Paata Medzvelia