Georgian Institute of Public Affairs University of TROY


Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in Public Administration: Providing Value to Citizens through the New Educational Structure of Democratic e-Governance in EU

by Ursa Jeretina

This article examines the significance of the emergence of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in European Public Administration as a useful set of democratic tools and educational techniques for resolving disputes - both online and offline. It examines the nature and scope of ODR development in emerging field of e-governance and provides different examples to illustrate essential, embedded concepts and modes of good practice. Some Member states have already adopted or considering applicability of ODR platform as a tool for digital e-government, so ODR has already proved that it can provide effective resolution for at least some disputes, but unfortunately has not yet reached its complete potential. The proposed future challenges encourage the use of ODR systems in Public Administration as an educational mechanism for consensual cultural change in the sense of democratic good e-governance.

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