The EU and poverty eradciation – which format to choose?

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Nino Parsadanishvili


In line with the analysis of the legal and policy framework of the European Union (EU) related to poverty eradication present paper gives an overview of the aspirations of the organization in terms of international cooperation with partner countries on the one hand and with other intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations (UN) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) on the other. In so doing the paper claims for the importance and the efficiency of the EU to intensify targeted cooperation with partner countries and demonstrates major challenges that are associated with the decision making on the level of the UN and the WTO. With this approach the paper clearly shows how multilateralism overcomplicates the already very challenging reality, in line also with the economic shock caused by the COVID 19 and therefore claims for the need for more flexible approaches that will lead to the rapid recovery.

European Union, Poverty Eradication, United Nations, World Trade Organization
Published: Jan 7, 2022

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