Defense in Depth: The Key to Ukraine's Military Defense Strategy during the battle of Kyiv

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Giorgi Koberidze


This article discusses the concept of strategic depth in military defense strategy and how it applies to Ukraine. Strategic depth refers to the distance between the front lines of a conflict and the rear, where a country's vital assets such as population centers, industrial
areas, and political centers are located. The idea behind strategic depth is to create a buffer zone that allows a country to absorb the initial shock of an invasion and conduct a prolonged defense. Ukraine has enough strategic depth to continue military activity without notice and receive Western aid practically unhindered. The country's large population and well-developed infrastructure and industrial base provide sources of manpower and resources for defense. Additionally, Ukraine's history of industrialization
and modernization also means that it has a relatively well-developed infrastructure and industrial base, which could be mobilized for the defense of the country. Ukraine's terrain also presents some challenges when it comes to strategic depth, but it also has some strategic depth in the form of its large population, which provides a source of manpower for the military.

Military Defense Strategy, Prolonged Defense, Defense in Depth, Multiple Layers of Defense, Western Aid, Terrain
Published: Jan 10, 2023

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